We have the knowledge and experience working with energy efficiency and sustainable properties.

We are GREEN designees!!!

NAR Green DesignatedSustainable homes are tuned in to their natural surroundings, incorporating eco-friendly materials and building processes. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but also social, economic and environmental outreaches.

There are many benefits of sustainable buildings but the most important are:

  1. 1. Sustainable Homes are Energy and Water Efficient.

Energy efficiency is at the core of green home building. Features include solar panels, closed foam insulation, sealed attic spaces, low-emissivity windows, advanced framing techniques and energy-efficient heat pumps.

In terms of water usage, sustainable homes help to preserve supplies for future generations. With the use of efficient plumbing to reduce waste, high-efficiency appliances and advanced irrigation systems, you can rest assured you’re using natural resources responsibly.

It’s now even possible to build a Net Zero home, which means your house is essentially powered by the energy created by its eco-friendly systems.

  1. Low Operating Costs

With construction techniques to ensure the efficient use of water and energy, it makes sense that operating costs of sustainable homes are reduced. Enhanced daylight throughout the home, solar heating and environmentally-friendly lighting are just a few of the money-saving options. Furthermore, green homes are durable. This means you’ll spend less money on maintenance over time.

  1. Reduced Environmental Footprint

The building practices minimize waste and recycle materials, which helps achieve efficient use. Best of all, as they’re built with the intention of reducing energy consumption, sustainable homes reduce emissions that impact climate change.

  1. Increased Property Value

In recent times, numerous studies suggest that green homes result in higher resale values, across the country. In fact, many buyers view sustainable features as “must haves”, so green homes are also selling much faster than their counterparts.

Furthermore, you benefit from state and federal tax credits, for your home’s energy efficiency.

Eco-friendly properties are the way of the future!

  1. Healthier and Happier Living

Indoor air-quality is of utmost importance for your health and green home building incorporates products that use low, or no Volatile Organic Compound. This means items like paints, cleaners and adhesives contain fewer harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, which is a well-known human carcinogen.

Apart from the reduction in toxic substances, green living literally reduces stress and improves quality of life.


As GREEN designee, we are proficient in all aspects of green real estate, including:

  • Low-cost fixes and big-budget remodels to increase your home’s energy efficiency.
  • The benefits smart home technology can offer you as a homebuyer or seller
  • How affordability and walkability impact consumer decisions to buy a home
  • Earning green home certifications like Energy Star and LEED.