Property Management Generals

Why Hire a Property Manager?

There are certain relationships in life that function best when there is a third party between to separate the emotions and eliminate the pitfall that can occur when two parties work directly with one another. The relationship between a landlord and a tenant is one of these relationships.

Why Choose Us Interamerican Realty?

We offer experienced residential property personnel who can provide quality service tailored to meet their needs. We can handle everything from marketing, documentation, to repairs and completing work orders. We understand that your home can be as unique as you are. Be it pool service, lawn maintenance, Pest Control, General Maintenance, we have you covered. We know exactly how to manage all aspects of residential property operation.

Our goal is to offer the best service through a custom, proactive, and dynamic approach to residential management

How can I afford to hire a property manager?

83% of landlords who use property managers find that tenants pay more rent, with 77% finding that tenants rent for longer periods. Through thorough screening techniques, US Interamerican works to make sure that tenants pay on time and put less wear and tear on your property. These attributes and more are how our property management services are worth more than their cost.

What areas do we service?

Our Service Areas include: Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Valrico, Riverview, Zephyrhills, Temple Terrace, Land O lakes, Lutz, Carrollwood, Seftner, Dade City, San Antonio, Largo, Clearwater and St Petersburg.

Plans & Rates

Our property management services can be customized around you and your tenants needs to give you a unique service.  We offer various types of service packages to help you rent your home and start earning the income you expect.

Silver Plan

Tenant Placement Only

  • Show the property to prospective tenants
  • Provide the prospective tenants with applications for tenancy.
  • Advertise and List the property for Rent
  • Take High Definition Photos and Video.
  • Conduct tenant background screening including criminal, credit & eviction checks.
  • Responsive Personnel ready to schedule showings, receive documents and respond to emails.
  • Complete all contracts and any additional paperwork such addendums, HOA applications etc.
  • Turn the property to the new tenant and deliver both to Owner for his/her management.


Tenant Placement fee equal to one full months rent.
* All fees are deducted from income received upon placing a tenant into the rental property

Gold Plan

This plan includes all services offered on the Silver Plan plus full property management: Property management services include:

  • Handle all repair calls
  • Take care of all Homeowners Association Violations
  • Collect rent money including late rent, and posting of late rent notices
  • Coordinate lease renewals and paperwork under specified time constraints within the Florida Law.
  • Coordinate paperwork with the owner and our eviction specialist to handle tenant evictions when required.
  • Account for all rent income and Property expenditures and generate monthly statements.
  • Conduct a final walk through inspection upon tenant move in and out and release the Security Deposit within the time established by the Florida Law

Tenant Placement fee equal to one full month rent and 10% of the rent per month as The Management Fee
* All fees are deducted from income received upon placing a tenant into the rental property

Management Take Over

We do provide Full Property Management services with a tenant already in place, we ask for a $200.00 turnover fee, and to manage the property from then on, it would be 10% of the monthly rental rate.

At US Interamerican Realty we take our job seriously and always have a phone line open to tenants and owners if an emergency comes up. We enjoy what we do!.

  1. What do I need to do to my home to make it ready for showings?

Green Residential’s contractors are happy to assist our clients with any make ready needs. We recommend that our clients (1) have the home professionally cleaned (2) have the carpets professionally cleaned (3) have the yard manicured (4) de-clutter your home (5) make sure you remove any valuables (6) touch up or fully paint walls depending on their color and condition (7) address any deferred maintenance (8) use pest control service (9) make sure pool is well maintained (10) and do not be present at the home when a potential renter comes to see the house.

  1. How can I figure out what my home will rent for?

We use recent historical data taken from the local MLS database to determine what your home will rent for.

  1. Do you charge lease renewal fees?


  1. Do you markup the cost of repair and maintenance charges?

No, Owner’s receive an electronic copy of every invoice with no markup fee

  1. What do you charge to evict an existing tenant?

We hire expert companies who get in charge of doing the whole eviction process from the 3-day notice to the completion and eviction of the tenant from the property. We pass the costs to the owner as for any other contractor and present invoices.

  1. What do you do if a tenant needs to break a lease?

When a tenant needs to break a lease, we inform them that they are responsible for all costs that our owner would not have otherwise incurred if the tenant did not break the lease. This means that the current tenant will be responsible for (1) the lease commission of one month’s rent (2) the rent, lawn care and utilities until the day the new tenant moves in (3) all make ready costs to get the home ready for the new tenant and (4) the cost of rekeying the home. If the tenant pays all of these costs we will release them from the lease contract.

  1. Should I buy a home warranty?

We don’t expressly recommend having a home warranty company, but many of the owners do have warranty companies in an attempt to reduce their risk of loss.

The most popular warranty companies are: American Home Shield, First American Home Buyers Protection, Home Warranty of America, and Old Republic Home Protection.

It is important to read the policies very carefully so that you understand the exclusions, the maximum coverage amounts, any maintenance requirements, etc.

Most of our clients get the maximum coverage policies and add the extras as needed.

There are certain home repairs that tenants rightfully expects to be resolved ASAP. The most common example is an HVAC system break down when it is 95 degrees outside.

It can take between 3 – 10 business days for Warranty Companies to fix HVAC problems. The delays are usually a result of a warranty company going to the home within 2-3 business days to diagnose the issue and then having to order additional parts to fix the HVAC system which add additional delays. We have also experienced these types of delays with plumbing repairs.

These delays frustrate the tenant and can lead to tenant’s not wanting to renew a lease if they feel significant issues are not going to be addressed in a timely manner.

We recommend that if you do purchase a Home Warranty for your rental property, you should use a separate contractor to handle time sensitive issues such as HVAC break downs and other repairs that the Warranty Company is not able to address in a timely manner. A happy tenant can save you money in the long run. You may think you are saving money by always using the home warranty company, but if the tenant does not renew their lease because of Home warranty Company delays, you will end up spending more money to make your rental property ready to rent again as well as additional leasing and vacancy costs.

  1. Do I need to buy special insurance as a Landlord?

Yes, you need to make sure you have a landlord property insurance policy which includes a minimum of $300,000 of public liability insurance.

  1. Why name US Interamerican Realty as an interested party on my Landlord’s insurance policy?

This simply means that we are interested to know that you are maintaining an active landlord property insurance policy with public liability coverage. This does NOT mean that we have any type of insurable interest in your home

  1. When will I receive a distribution each month?

We submit an ACH file to our bank on the 10th of every month with rent distributions, assuming the 10th does not fall on a weekend or holiday. It takes most banks 1-2 business days to process the distribution into your account after we have submitted the ACH file to the bank.

  1. What kind of accounting statement will I receive each month?

Every month you will receive a statement which includes all income and expenses for the reporting period. We also provide electronic copies of any invoices incurred during the reporting period.

  1. Are your repair & maintenance personnel employees or contractors?

All of our repair & maintenance personnel are contractors NOT employees. You are not required to use our contractors if you have established relationships with contractors you would like us to use.